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We have been performing website marketing in Devon for over a decade. If you are in business and you need a boost for your website marketing, then you have come to the right place.

I’m sure your website looks great. The design looks amazing and professional. You made sure it’s optimised for search engines and it’s mobile friendly.
You spent weeks writing great copy that’s easy to read and the images really showcase your business.
You made sure you had a Twitter and Facebook account in place so everything is connected. You’ve even got a space where people can subscribe to your email newsletter.

There’s just one problem – It took a few months to get this far and cost a pretty penny too, so.. when does it start to pay back?
Actually, now you come to think on it, do any of your customers know about it? How many have visited already? How do you tell and, more to the point, why aren’t they buying?

How do I make it work for me?

Website marketing is what you need.

It’s advertising for your shopfront on the internet.
Unfortunately the internet is a very big place with some massive shops where everybody wants to hang out and be seen. If you want to get noticed here, your advertising had better be two things:

Effective and cheap.

Fortunately social media takes care of the latter as platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest give anyone and everyone the ability to search, interact and share anything they find of interest or worthy of their attention. So it evens the playing field. You can cost-effectively compete with the big players.

The key point here is the phrase ‘worthy of their attention’ – website marketing is a process involving multiple planned actions working together to make your shopfront worthy of their attention. After all, do you share anything you consider poor quality?

The process primarily involves understanding your customers – intimately. Knowing where they spend time online, what content grabs their attention, such as videos, case studies or knowing what personal touches work such as addressing them by their first name in your business emails.

Website marketing means getting the right message out to the right people at the right time.
Using well-formulated techniques through Inbound marketing allows your customers to find you naturally rather than being bombarded with advertising which no one likes. But this takes strategy and planning based on a solid understanding of your business and its customers.

This is what we provide.

All of the above only works well if you know your audience very well.
Developing an understanding of your audience (we call it ‘Buyer personas’) is the foundation of everything we do to make your website become an asset not a cost for your business.

You’ve heard enough.

Now take the next step. Call us.

If you fancy having a go yourself (and why not) then start by downloading our handy ‘Buyer Persona Guide’. It has everything you need to know about understanding your customers behaviour online and how to get them to your website:


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Caroline Moore“Spiders and Milk are very approachable; hence, why their role has grown at swcomms leading to the redevelopment of our website last year, and the addition of the management of our social media and email platforms. This leaves us free to concentrate on other marketing demands safe in the knowledge that we can trust them to these time-consuming tasks.”
Caroline Moore – Marketing manager, swcomms.