Website design

There’s no getting around it.

A new website or even a design refresh is going to cost several hundred or even thousands of pounds.
So if you are seriously considering a new digital venture, then you deserve an agency that considers it seriously.
When thinking about a website build, the majority of us pay most attention to the design – how it is going to look. But in the process of getting a new website, the design development comes towards the end of the build.

Think about it, if you decide to build a house, you don’t start by considering the type of wallpaper you want, do you? It’s the same with a website – you must ask – “what’s its purpose?”

Will it sell goods/services, is it educational/informative? Who is it intended to appeal to – the audience – what do they want to see?

Even small details like fonts and image size can be enough to turn off potential customers if you haven’t considered what they would expect to see and read, so it pays to do the research first.

So, expect to see a thorough, upfront investigation and research phase from your chosen web agency before you see a single web page. If they don’t do this, you may be with the wrong company.

Website design aftercare?

Funny thing about house builders – once they’ve finished and you move in, they don’t tend to be around to fix things when they go wrong or show you the schematics of all the electrical wiring or layout of the pipes. And if something does go wrong, you can bet it won’t be fixed for free.

What would be handy is a clear manual on everything you can fix yourself with a bit of training on how to cover off the simple stuff so you don’t have to incur additional costs calling in the experts – when we’re building websites and not houses, it’s the Content Management System (CMS) choice that determines how much you can fix yourself and how easy management of the website is, after it’s up and running.

There are many CMS platforms out there, each appropriate for a specific type of website, which is the expert’s problem not yours. You want a CMS that allows you to change the toilet rolls without having to call out a plumber every time, but one that also stops you from getting your hands into the boiler and causing an explosion..

When the CMS and design have been signed off, the research and audience analysis will also help to pinpoint the technical functionality required, such as, the number of ways your customers can make contact with you. It could be a simple ‘Contact Us’ page is all that’s required but may necessitate something more complex such as a web chat interface.

Not only do you need an agency that considers all this, but you also need to be assured a solid and dependable hosting environment will be used for your website to reside. Hosting is like land. You need it to build a house on and it better be rock solid so the structure stays up.

Of course, there is also the issue of domain name choice and email set up too. So, you can see it’s a technically demanding endeavour to get right.

You can do a lot of it yourself, but it is cheaper to employ a professional agency who can get the job done quicker (saving you money) and use their experience to avoid costly mistakes.

This is what we provide.

Find out everything you need to consider when choosing a web agency to help build your website (before you start) – download our handy guide:


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Caroline Moore“Spiders and Milk are very approachable; hence, why their role has grown at swcomms leading to the redevelopment of our website last year, and the addition of the management of our social media and email platforms. This leaves us free to concentrate on other marketing demands safe in the knowledge that we can trust them to these time-consuming tasks.”
Caroline Moore – Marketing manager, swcomms.