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Video production

We look at the all the possible ways to depict your products and services. For example, would a ‘How to’ video that highlights the key features of a product or service in use, entice viewers to purchase more often, rather than seeing it out of context and static?

What about your people?

You may have very plush office space that you want to highlight, but if you are selling a service provided by experts, then that is what the viewers will want to see.

As well as award-winning video production, we offer a unique video marketing service created from a need by business to have a tangible ROI to their video production investment.
Having invested time and budget on video, many businesses do little more than bury it on their website and upload it to their YouTube channel and that’s it.

This approach in using video as a marketing investment yields very poor returns.

It completely misses the opportunity that video represents as the highest, proven, engagement media available online.

Return on investment.

While the requirement to fit the need is considered, additionally, we ensure that the process of production is designed to allow for future publication that brings in the most efficient return.

Video online needs to get to the point very quickly, viewers will be reluctant to watch a video that goes on longer than a minute and a half. Your message may be longer than that in order to cover all the key features, so we make sure that the final result can be broken down into smaller parts to allow for this.

Effectively we are providing you with not just one, but multiple videos that add significantly to your finished content for publication online, reducing the need to source that content production elsewhere. It is effectively a Video Content Optimisation service that turns a 5min video into a content resource for backlinks to drive traffic to your site and the positive effect it has on search rankings for your targeted keywords.

Heard enough?

Take the next step. Call us.

If you fancy having a go yourself (and why not) then start by downloading our handy ‘How to shoot great video using your iPhone’ guide. It has everything you need to know about making a good quality video :

First Databank

Transforms drug data into drug knowledge to deliver better medication decision support.

Liz Pugh“Spiders and Milk have delivered some fantastic video customer testimonials for us recently. They work incredibly hard, (above and beyond the call of duty) have deep, experiential knowledge in their field and produce excellent results. I have no hesitation in recommending their work and will be using them for projects in the future.”
Liz Pugh – Marketing manager, First Databank.