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Meet Gareth.

Matt Ryman and Gareth

Gareth is the owner of watergilders.com. (He’s the one on the right).
We wanted to introduce you to Gareth because he isn’t like most business owners.

Most business owners are not comfortable with social media. Some grudgingly accept they should ‘give it a go’ while others try for a short while, get nowhere and stop. Yet more refuse to have anything to do with it as they cannot see the business value, so for them, it’s a pointless exercise.

Gareth doesn’t think like that. He has good reason to, in fact, he’s got 127,000 good reasons to, because that was this years total contracts value his company gained, solely through Twitter alone.

Big sums earned through social media

And he’s not the only one who has seen six figure sums earned through social media marketing. By the way, follow @watergilders to see first-hand what Gareth produces (stunning work) and how he uses Twitter to his distinct advantage.

For small businesses like watergilders.com, social media represents an opportunity to level the playing field. They get to play in the same arena as the big boys with the same capability to reach out, gain exposure – and they are taking it.

Level the playing field?

Why does social media level the playing field? Well, how much does it cost to open a Twitter or Facebook account that gives you access to potentially billions of people?

How much would it cost to advertise on a media with the same reach – such as TV? Hundreds of thousands if not millions of pounds. This is simply out of the question for most business looking for new audiences.

“But we tried and it got us nowhere.”

“It only works if you sell something sexy. We sell photocopiers, whose going to follow a Facebook page about photocopiers?”

We know, we’ve heard it before and we agree with you.

Social media marketing is not some magic route to quick riches despite the endless hype you may hear (don’t believe it). It is the same as anything else in business, hard work and consistency, backed by a well-planned strategy that provides results – You have to work at it.

It’s a numbers game.

Yes, you have to play the numbers to win but there’s playing ‘hard’ and there’s playing ‘smart’.

If you are sending out updates to your social media accounts when you ‘remember’ to do it and those updates generally consist of how ‘awesome’ you or your business has been today – then you are just adding to the noise. No one cares about you or your business, they care about themselves – what are you giving them?

Using social media to add value to your current and potential customers is what it’s all about.

If you can add value consistently, make it look sexy whilst also responding and engaging in a respectful and timely manner – then you will have become a social media Boss – Own it!

But don’t take our word for it. Check out Gareth’s efforts @watergilders and learn from a Pro.

To help you along the way, we have developed a number of methods that hugely improve the efficiencies of marketing in social media and increase the return on investment as a result.

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