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Mobile optimised

Your website is mobile optimised because you know how important it is to your customers to have a great experience with your brand no matter what way they choose to engage with it.

Whether that’s in the physical world by walking in to your business premises, talking to your customer representatives on the phone or looking at your website from their computer in the office or on their tablet or mobile while travelling on the train. The experience has to be brilliant.

You also know Google stopped showing websites that were not optimised for mobile in April 2015 for everyone using its search engine on their phones. As far more people, (including your customers) access the internet via their smartphones rather than laptops or PC’s now, you understood the impact this would have on your business exposure and reach, so ensured you didn’t lose any ground to your competition by making sure your website looked great and worked correctly on every device.


Mobile optimised means better business

Problem is, most websites still aren’t optimised for mobile despite Google’s decision. Why? Because it is not a simple process to complete easily and in most cases requires a considerable change to implement.

For starters, decisions have to be made about what information is to be prioritised for mobile users versus desktop users. For example, if someone is out in town using a mobile or on public transport, they are likely to be connected (or not) to the internet via the phones cellular network which is generally much slower and intermittent than WiFi – So the mobile version of your website needs to load very quickly so they are not kept waiting to see something on the screen. Despite what popular advertising would have you believe, ‘Buffer Face’ does not happen, people close the page if it doesn’t load within 5 seconds.

This means any images on your mobile site have to be optimised correctly so they load quicker on a mobile and choices have to be made about whether all the images shown on the desktop version need to be shown on the mobile version, again to reduce the overall time waiting for the page to download. Images also have to be resized to fit within a mobile display to avoid the user having to ‘pinch’ the screen or swipe left and right as well as up and down – very annoying.

Mobile optimised for Search Engines

You also need to consider optimisation for search engines specifically for the mobile version.

Another example – Your business address and phone number is likely to be top of required information for your mobile website customers out and about near you searching for some place to eat, if you run an Italian restaurant and it’s lunchtime.

You would want your menu and contact pages to appear before your home page at the top of the search results in Google for those hungry searchers when they typically type in queries such as ‘Italian restaurant near me’. Particularly when Google can pinpoint the location of the device the searcher is using and deliver results based on distance from their current location.

So there is a lot to consider before embarking on the mobile route but it is a road you must take to ensure competitiveness.

Mobile optimisation options

Fortunately there are options available to suit every business type. You may have heard of ‘Responsive websites’ or seen website domains such as ‘m.yourwebsite.com’. Those are just two ways of dealing with different screen sizes and providing the best options for you, your customers and search engines. Costs differ depending on specific requirements. Currently, responsive builds offer the most cost-effective route but require a complete rebuild of the design to achieve the aim. This will not suit every business website so you need to be aware of the options available to you before committing to one.

You’ve heard enough.

Fortunately you have come to the right place as we have a handy checklist to help you get the right solution for your business potentially saving you thousands – Download for free here:


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