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Microsite build

Sometimes you have a new product you will want to promote or test the market with or have a limited time offer that needs a buzz creating around it, but you don’t want the promotion to dramatically change or alter your main website as it may affect its performance.

This is where a Microsite comes in to play. A microsite is a very small website, usually 2 to 5 pages, focused on just one subject. They tend to be very sales-based with plenty of colourful graphics and engaging copy because the purpose of a microsite is to generate a desired action from the visitor.

That action could range from collecting email addresses to booking a time slot or making a purchase.

The advantages of having a microsite build are:

  • They are quick to implement and quick to remove
  • Cost less to build than a standard website
  • Keep your main website from becoming cluttered or diluting its message
  • Allows for the set up of highly specific marketing messages that drive targeted traffic
  • Campaigns can be measured and compared to the main site
  • Allows for experiments with Brand modifications without affecting the main site

Establish a microsite presence quickly

Very often we find businesses branching into sectors they are not established in – Perhaps a new opportunity has presented itself or new markets emerge, it happens all the time.

Having a presence established quickly in a sector where you have none, helps to grab market share early (especially online) and raise awareness about you before your competitors can get their act together. A microsite acts as a pioneer website, allowing you to carve out a niche quickly and gives you the time and space to establish a bigger presence in the future should you decide to.

Effective and cheap.

We can usually turn a microsite around in 48 hours and often less, so you know you can expect a rapid deployment if the need is urgent.

We’ve put together a handy checklist of what you need to consider when promoting via a microsite, download it now:

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Wayne Loschi“I worked with Spiders and Milk on an ERDF funded programme called Superfast Business. This involved me referring clients to them to deliver strategic marketing support. All of my clients found their work to be of value and have since improved their online footprint. More recently they have worked on video production for TDA which has provided priceless content for our website and social channels. They are extremely approachable and will find the right technical and financial solution for your marketing needs.”
Wayne Loschi – Business Advisor, TDA.