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Email marketing

Sending an email and the process of  ’email marketing’ is still the most effective way to deliver a personal message to a potential customer after they have left your website.

Let’s face it, we both know there is a truck-load of work involved in getting the right people to visit your website and make sure they see the right message at the right moment to entice them to buy there and then. Why is that?

Q:  99% of first time visitors to your website will not make a purchase because:

  • a) They don’t know you or your company
  • b) You haven’t given them proof you can provide what you say you can
  • c) They are in the wrong buying stage to make a purchase
  • d) All of the above, especially c)

If you answered d) well done! Give yourself a squeeze.

Why email marketing is essential

The facts are (based on extensive research), nearly all first-time visitors to any website do not purchase anything.

Not only do they not purchase, but they don’t want to call you, nor use your nicely laid out ‘contact us’ form, nor ‘subscribe to your newsletter’ nor want to leave any kind of personally identifiable information.


Because they came looking for information, not looking to spend money. First time visitors are predominantly in the ‘early stage’ of the Buying Cycle (not an autonomous bike with purchasing power), look at the image below to see a simplified version of the Buying Cycle.

Email marketing advice - This shows three stages of the buying cycle with an explanation for each stage.

So the question you need to ask yourself is –

“How do I keep in contact with my first-time visitors after they have left my website?”

Answer – Email marketing.

Actually, that’s not the question you need to ask yourself. The first question you need to ask is –

“How do I get my visitors to move from the early stage to the next and then final stage, so I can get them to buy?”

Answer – It’s still email marketing (with a bit of marketing strategy thrown in).

But, wait…

“You said that first-time visitors will not leave any kind of personal information, just a couple of paragraphs ago! How am I supposed to send an email if I can’t get anyone to give me their email address?”

True. I did. And I’m right. When was the last time you subscribed to a website newsletter just because you read the line ‘Join our newsletter’? You know that if you do leave details the company will send you marketing messages you don’t want, adding to the 2,568 a day you already get, so it’s not happening, right?

Go Fishing

In order to grow your email lists so you can keep in contact with prospective audiences, you have to remember what they came to your website for in the first place – Information.

If you want potential customers to leave you their emails, you have to provide something of equal or greater value to them in return. It would be stupid to offer something that cost you money every time, like a voucher or discount offer – and you don’t have to – remember what they first came for – Information. So that is what you place as bait – even more juicy, useful, valuable information than has just been consumed by coming to your website, but offer it in return for an email address. Like this:

Now you know how to grow your email lists like a Pro, you can really get to work on creating stunning emails to move your customers down the funnel, pushing the audience segmentation as the list grows to improve open and click through rates, make sure you’re A/B testing those titles and automating the whole process so you can sit back and relax knowing you’ve got email marketing nailed.

Or, if that sounds like there’s still quite a bit to get to grips with, why not download the free guide to ‘Everything you need to know about email marketing like a Pro’ to avoid those pitfalls everyone makes:

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Andrew Walker“Spiders and Milk came in to Spirent and immediately understood what we wanted. They asked the right questions and fed in great ideas on how we could improve the end result. They then delivered exactly what we wanted, on time and on budget. I’d have no hesitation in using their marketing services again.”

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