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Ecommerce sites

There is no ‘one size fits all’ when it comes to features or design options that will elevate your ecommerce site above your competitors, but there are several essentials every website needs to get right and definitely should not be ignored when creating an online store.

Firstly, there has to be a very clear understanding of the goals for each page.

Make it sell – It is an online shop after all

You may find it hard to believe but many business owners insist the design of their ecommerce website should emulate that of their real-world stores. This makes perfect sense from a brand consistency point of view, but tends to make the online version useless for shopping.

It’s like all they did was carbon copy their physical store then put a big ‘Buy’ button on the page – The ecommerce site needs much more attention to detail to be successful.

Show your products – and their highlights

Putting your products into a set of categories and displaying them in a logical grid pattern makes sense and is good practice for User Experience, but you need to go further to get those sales coming in.

Make sure to highlight any special deals or limited time offers. Visitors are always interested in the ‘latest’ product, so make sure you showcase new arrivals to encourage purchases.

Virtual Word of mouth

Recommendations and testimonials, along with related or complimentary products to the one being viewed are all ‘trust’ indicators that help to turn the browser into the buyer.

Many people just like surfing through products without buying, it is these little additions that help show what they are missing out on and convincing them to make a purchase.

Make them trust you

People are careful about what they spend money on. So it is up to the ecommerce site to provide everything a visitor needs to feel comfortable making a purchase.

Ensure your site has space or pages that provide as much information as possible about each product (think – Amazon). Make the purchase process clear and uncomplicated to reduce cart abandonment. What types of payment will you accept? When can delivery be expected, can it be tracked? What guarantees and warranties apply to your products? This information needs to be readily available to visitors to help them commit to a transaction.

Think about including an FAQ page that clearly defines the information above and includes the Returns Policy and any Complaints Procedure too.

You’ve heard enough.

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We’ve put together a guide highlighting critical features that will help to improve your ecommerce store usability and increase its profitability, check it out:

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